Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blueprint for India Shining

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Just as it is impossible not to taste the honey or poison that one may find at the tip 
of one's tongue, so it is impossible for one dealing with government funds not to 
taste, at least a little bit, of the king's wealth

This is a famous statement from the Arthashastra penned down by Kautilya, a minister in Chandragupta Maurya's kingdom circa 4th century B.C. This is applicable in today's life as well when we see corruption, bribery practiced in every day of our life. We step out of our home, the traffic police holds you for an expired PUC you hand over few notes and whizz away. You need a caste certificate or a birth certificate with tampered details you pass on few bundles below the table and the job is done. Your ward needs to be admitted to a prestigious school pass on few bundles and the next moment you chest widens with pride that he has gained access to a renowned alma mater. The reason for such known and prevalent issues is diverse -

  • Dearth of products/ services
  • Non-existent or loose laws in place which encourages red tape and bureaucracy
  • Opaque systems in place with less visibility
  • Loop holes in the judicial system
These need to be fixed to discourage corruption. Technology could play a major role to track down defaulters. Computerized systems need to be in place to reconcile the transactions , validate and back track to closure.Also systems need to be made online so that number of staff members involved is reduced and under the table cases are eradicated. The common man can directly access the systems which would lead to faster transactions. The system needs to be strong enough with no loop holes. Trials in such cases should be fast tracked with stern punishments for the embezzlers. Lok Pal at the Centre and the Lok Ayut at State level need to be implemented. The politicians who are elected to govern our country and set its policies need to be elected based on few pre requisite. They should have completed some minimum level of education with no criminal records. Back ground verification needs to be done by a third party before he or she is considered eligible for contesting in the election. 


Today India's CAD is still running low as per the latest stats revealed. The rupee stands volatile and vulnerable. Remits or personal transfers were way low in the last quarter. Gold, crude oil imports are still high. Last year inflation and political pressure had seen reduction in exports like that of the iron and cotton. Also recession in the Europe market had added on to our woes.

The solution to improve on CAD is to encourage export policies and relax FII norms. This would attract investments by international groups and encourage FOREX.  Basic infrastructure needs should be taken care of by the cities so that foreign countries could invest in our country. Export of goods needs to be given focus and encouraged. Export of Information Technology services, iron, coal are few of the areas we can do better. Trade policies need to be re looked upon to make them investor friendly.


The Britishers couldn't resolve the issue and with the Divide and Rule Policy was born India and Pakistan. Till date the relations between the two countries continue to be strained. Our soldiers sent back home beheaded, sets wrong trends. Crores are being spent on the security front with our soldiers dispatched at the unfriendly terrains of Siachen Glacier. Bangladesh refraining cargo and vessels entry at Ashugang due to the pending sign off of Teesta River Treaty is another case of severed ties. This is adding on to expenses due to high road transportation cost. 

Handshake between countries need to be improved.Trade relations should be further boosted to improve bilateral relation. This would bring in people to people contact that would boost diplomacy. Now that Trinamool Congress is not part of UPA Government the Teesta River Treaty which is currently in the back burner could be inked. India could tie up with neighboring countries like Nepal on hydroelectric projects for its development. Campaigns like Aman ki Aasha carried out with prudence and fore foresightedness can strike the right balance to foster peace efforts. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR as resolution of conflicts would boost economy!


Today we find unemployed citizens of India resorting to unwarranted acts. Thousands of people every year travel to the metropolitan cities for want of job and money. They need to sustain themselves and their family back home. Frustration, drug addiction, robbery, suicides are some of the results of this vice. Population, illiteracy are some of the reasons for unemployment  In India we find cheap labor its just that avenues need to be set up to harness it. 

Family Planning needs to be in place to tackle the issue in hand. Population should be brought under control to lay out a framework that could be managed and governed effectively. Cottage and small scale industries should get the required boost. Vocational and technical education should be popularized by schemes that are pocket friendly. Farmers should be given the required help by the state governments for a better yield. Reforms in the labor industry and policies framed to meet India's future citizens would curb unemployment.


Illiteracy has been the reason for unemployment, Population explosion and the slow socio- economic growth. Gender disparity and social stratification are some of the causes of the inability. Child Labor is found in rampant in many cities.

Government would have to encourage free education for children and develop self sustaining education units.   Education should be coined as the Right to Live. Night schools and vocational education hubs need to to set up and promoted. Every citizen needs to be made to understand the importance of education. Through media government could reach to the remotest corner of the country. Schemes that are friendly on the cost perspective should be laid and tackled aggressively. Gender Bias could also be curbed though this initiative. Women Literacy campaigns should be set up as a women educated is equivalent to a family being educated. Every panchayat and municipal corporation should be given target to get the people under their area literate. The panchayats and corporation should be rewarded for high numbers. This would boost their performance and encourage them to take it in the right stride.

All the above listed issues are interrelated and have a cascading effect on each other. Nested problems -The resolution of one problem in turn leads to the resolution of the others. E.g. Literacy would kill Female Infanticide, unemployment, population explosion, child labor and so forth. This in turn would curb CAD and promote economy, infrastructure development and employment. Its a closed loop with multiple benefits.

The social and economic structure of India Shinning would be reformed and brought to the next level. Problems need to be attacked at grass root level. Its just that the right thinking at the right time by like minded people is what is required. 

It starts from our home, doesn't it?


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